Wow, just wow.

I stumbled across Reading Vacation, a blog by an eleven-year-old girl,  last weekend.  She very intelligently reviews and talks about books.  I am blown away!  Amazed! Astounded!

Ok, enough of that.  Anyway, I can’t wait to share this with my students.  I may even have to encourage a few of them to get going on their own reading review blogs.  I maintain a class one where we post reviews, but I would love to see some of my readers branch out on their own.

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3 Responses to Wow, just wow.

  1. Tara says:

    That was impressive! We keep a book response blog (read aloud and lit circle responses), and this has me thinking about expanding our scope. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Melina says:

    Hey Katie,

    Thank you for this sweet blog post. I see you teach fourth and fifth grade. I started Reading Vacation last March while I was in fifth grade. You absolutely should see if any of your students want to start their own blog.

    A blog is a lot of work, but it is so fun! I have met so many nice people – authors, publishers, other bloggers, teachers, and librarians.

    Happy Reading!

  3. Katie says:


    You are so right! I have a few who would be great bloggers.

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