Posts I’m Loving Today

Unshelved cartoons from 100 Scope Notes. Not only do I love this idea but I can already see my students creating their own versions using comic life. Even better, they could use this format to share their findings from their beyond the book inquiries.

The Visions of Students Today from Free Technology for Teachers. Thought provoking video.  Worth the watch.

Book Trailers from Teach with Picture Books.  I love book trailers and so do my students.

Book a Day Challenge from the Book Whisperer. Donalyn Miller talks about her winter break reading challenge, twitter, and gives a list of recommendations. (check out the starred ones.)

Writing Effective Blog Posts from The Open Classroom. A great read for bloggers.

So What by Two Writing Teachers. Helping students find meaning and purpose in their writing.

Me, Frida from Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast. Lovely and beautiful book, I must get this for my library.

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