A New Year and Some New Technology

Well, it’s happened.  I now have an iPad and I will be helping to design an iPad integration program for our fourth and fifth grade classes.  As I’ve spent the last week with my new “toy” I’m reminded of the importance of play in developing proficiency with technological tools.  Certainly the time that I’ve spent playing around this week (I am not “obsessed” as my husband might say) will help me to be a more proficient iPad user and improve the quality of my teaching with it.

Really though, I think the time we spend with our instructional materials and tools is an essential part of instruction.  If you use a computer daily then you’ll be able to teach with it, but you’ll also be able to teach students to use it.  How can we teach them to address a problem that arises if we haven’t yet encountered that problem ourselves and worked through how to solve it?  It make me realize how closely this process is related to reading and being the type of teacher who reads.  The more we read and think about how we read and what we do when we read, the better we are able to support students in becoming readers.  Just something to think about.

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