Fresh Start

I’ve been working on a creative writing blog on and off for sometime. But, I wanted to develop a professional blog as well, to share what was happening in my classroom. Teaching can be so isolating and I’ve found a wonderful community on-line. My hope is that by sharing some of my experiences I can give back to that community in some way, and still continue my journey of learning. I suppose my main consideration was that I didn’t really have an angle for my blog. But now, I think I do. That angle is Inquiry. See, I’ve been doing a lot of work with Inquiry based teaching in all subject areas (with a lot more work to go!) so I thought I would conduct my own Inquiry.

How can I use a blog as a means to share ideas, reflect on my practice, and ultimately impact my student’s learning?

This is just one of the many personal inquiry questions I will dig into as I blog about my various classroom workshops. (Reading, Writing, Research, and maybe even a little math…maybe.)  Please feel free to read and comment and take this journey with me.

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