Early Childhood App Review

Ok, so many of you have been asking…what apps are you loving right now in first grade?

Here is the “short list.” 20 apps that are (mostly) affordable and exceptionally appropriate for students who are six and seven-years-old.

Each day I’m impressed with how my students have adapted and developed into fluent iPad 2 users.  Here are a few examples of how they used these apps during the course of the week.

  • Each day they jot notes and drawings that illustrate their questions and new learning while reading using either Drawing Pad or Whiteboard.
  • Today they composed poetry in Pages using repetition, onomatopoeia and line breaks. We then compiled these poems into our first poetry anthology–as an eBook.
  • Earlier this week they worked on their digital portfolios in Keynote.  Students selected work samples, photos and produced text that documented their thinking and reflected on their learning across the school year.
  • On Tuesday, they played Find Sums to assess their math fluency on facts 1-10.  Once completed, each child took a screen shot of the page that showed how long it took the child to complete the activity and the accuracy of the attempts.  They then emailed the photo to me, which I used for assessment purposes.
  • Using SonicPics, each child selected an app to review for our school website.  Students created these App Reviews to teach others about the tools we use to help us learn.
  • Each student produced a book recommendation for their “right now favorite book” in iMovie.  Next week I will sync these reviews to all the iPads as we continue our February book-a-day challenge.
  • Students used BlueFiRe to capture a snapshot of their reading fluency in text at their level.  They completed a self-check and set goals for future reading improvement.

I hope this blog provides a quick glimpse of the apps we love and how we are using them to meaningfully enhance, enrich, differentiate and extend the learning that takes place in our classroom.

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